Baidu AntiVirus Customer Support

Baidu Antivirus is a very light weight, extremely fast, easy to use anti-virus program that safeguards your computer from malware, spyware, viruses and adware. This software program gives an easy to use interface with various advanced configuration choices as well as quarantine of infected files. Baidu Antivirus online customer support is also given to customers through Baidu Antivirus customer service helpline number.

It also consist a very small memory footstep, so user can actually perform other things while it is running on your system. Other features of Baidu antivirus are listed below:


  • Free download, free service and free upgrade
  • 10M system resource consumption guarantees a smooth and quick running PC
  • 11M installation package
  • Cloud security quickly identifies unknown virus
  • Support for English
  • Ultrafast response to the latest virus
  • Independent local virus database recognizes local virus exactly
  • Intelligently auto choose different engines
  • It is compatible with 10 mainstream security software perfectly
  • Accurately detects and removes 99% threats

Uninstalling Baidu Antivirus

Although Baidu Antivirus has various in-built features but still there could be some reasons for which we need to uninstall the antivirus software, such as:

  • Software not functioning properly
  • Problem in scanning
  • You may want to change your antivirus software
  • There is an update in the software which is asking you to uninstall the software first.

How to uninstall Baidu Antivirus

If you are the person who have installed Baidu Antivirus in your system but want to remove it due to above reasons or any other reason, you can follow below steps to uninstall Baidu Antivirus successfully:

  1. First, go to the Start tab, and then click on "Control Panel”, and then click Program and Functions.
  2. Locate Baidu Antivirus, and double click it.
  3. Baidu Antivirus will show a repair page. In this repair page, you can update, repair, give feedback, cancel, or uninstall. In order to uninstall, just click on 'I want to uninstall Baidu Antivirus'. And after that click on 'Uninstall'.
  4. Soon, Baidu Antivirus will be uninstalled from your system

Need of Baidu Antivirus customer service

Just in case, if above methods don't allow you to uninstall the Antivirus; you can contact the Baidu Antivirus customer support who consist of the skilled technicians to help out the users in the various issues. Baidu Antivirus customer service phone number is a life line for those users who use to stuck while there Baidu antivirus have a down fall.

Baidu Antivirus customer service hours

Baidu Antivirus customer support has the round the clock service which enable them to provide full support to the users who have been any of the Baidu issue. User can avail Baidu support anytime anywhere across the world.

Any user can directly contact with Baidu Antivirus customer support through Baidu Antivirus support phone number or online chat. They own the team of experienced technicians who have successfully trained and qualified in solving and fixing all the Baidu Antivirus issues.