CCleaner Customer Support

CCleaner is one of the most popular utility software in the world. It is primarily used for cleaning the junk data (Files/Malicious codes/Broken Shortcuts etc.) stored in your computer which can potentially harm your PC and make it vulnerable to attacks. This remarkable PC cleaning tool is not restricted to the cleaning but also makes your PC faster, thereby giving you an overall wonderful PC performance. CCleaner is developed by Piriform – a London based Software Company known for providing PC optimization Software and cleaners.

Not convinced much? Here are some other reasons to use Ccleaner –

  • It can search for duplicate files to help reduce drive storage space.
  • It allows you to quickly access system restore points.
  • It can also wipe the free space on individual drives to completely remove residue files.

So far we've talked about the reason you should be using this software, now it's time to discuss various issues that users face with this utility software and for which most of the time they have to pay hefty price to get the problem solved. Here we have compiled a list of issues that a general user goes through

  • CCleaner not deleting Google Chrome History
  • Unable to Install CCleaner in Window 10
  • CCleaner stopped working in the computer
  • CCleaner not deleting Firefox/Mozilla History
  • CCleaner not deleting Internet Explorer History
  • CCleaner is not Deleting Registry Item
  • CCleaner is unable to remove faulty applications
  • CCleaner shows installation error
  • Trying running CCleaner, I see a warning from Zone Alarm firewall.
  • Trying to restore a Registry backup in Windows XP via CCleaner, it fails.
  • I run CCleaner, but when I analyze again and it says there are still files remaining.

Now it's time to take a look at the solution of some of the given issues that users go through while using CCleaner –

Issue 1 - CCleaner not deleting Google Chrome History?

Google chrome is a cloud based browser and is usually synched to your Google Account. Therefore, whatever the information is stored can't be deleted. But you can certainly stop syncing or might try disabling history from browser's settings. If still this doesn't fix the issue, then you might try disabling the background applications when Google Chrome is closed. To do that, go to the "advance settings section” in the browser history and uncheck the "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed".

Issue 2 - CCleaner not deleting Firefox/Mozilla History?

If you're facing trouble in deleting Mozilla Firefox's history using CCleaner then follow the guidelines given to fix the issue –

  • Make sure the "internet cache” option is checked in the "cleaner” section of CCleaner.
  • Make sure that the Mozilla Firefox is closed while performing the scan.
  • Delete the cookies.sqlite and permissions.sqlight files in Firefox Profile Folder. To open the profile Folder – Go to the "menu” in the top-right corner of the Firefox Browser and click on the question mark icon at the bottom. Now scroll down and click on the "open folder” option in front of the Profile Folder. Delete the above mentioned files and start CCleaner. Your Problem will be fixed now.

Issue 3 - CCleaner not deleting Internet Explorer History?

Deleting History from Internet Explorer is not an uphill task. If you can't get it done using CCleaner then follow the given instructions-

  1. Click on "deleted the browsing history "tab on the tools section in the IE menu bar.
  2. Now put a check on the "cookies”, "history” and "Temporary Files "section and click on "delete” button at the bottom.
  3. Now run CCleaner and check once again if the files exist in IE history or not.
  4. If the problem still persists, you might try contacting customer service for quick resolution.

Issue 4 - CCleaner is not Deleting Registry Item?

To clean the Registry items through CCleaner, you need to click on the "Register” menu and then clicking the "scan” button to fix the issue. If the problem is still not solved, you need to take help from the customer service executives.

Getting help from Customer Service/Helpline Number

If the above stated solution doesn't work for you or if there are any other problems that need immediate attention, then taking a help from customer service is one thing that will surely ease your burden. You can reach the customer support through their forum webpage or via support page by visiting the official website of CCleaner. There you can write the problem you're facing and submit your query. The customer service will respond you as soon as possible. Here users should know that CCleaner doesn't provide official Phone number or Helpline number. Therefore the only way to reach them is either through Support page or Forum. Reaching customer service is the best way to resolve your issues with the CCleaner in short time and additionally saving your money.