Defender Pro AntiVirus Customer Support

Defender Pro is the latest antivirus application which confirms you to stay the complete protected to your home PCs and business PCs from typical bugs. It offers high-end protection for the PC. This is all in one virus solution for all computers. With installing a Defender Pro Antivirus your device will stay confined from these most recent new virus sources, Malwares, Spywares and Worms.

User can get the Defender Pro Customer support through Defender Pro customer service helpline number when they face any problem regarding this software application like optimization, installation, updating and upgrade to latest version etc.

Defender Pro Customer Service

If you have installed Defender Pro antivirus program in your system and face some kind of issues regarding this product or its functioning, you may take assistance from the expert technicians of Defender Pro customer support.

Defender Pro Customer Support services are always available to facilitate you. These experts have a team of well skilled technicians who work day and night for their customers. The support from Defender Pro customer service gives 100% customer satisfaction.

Major issues with Defender Pro antivirus

Defender Pro user generally meet theses below listed issues:

Internet Explorer 9 Conflicts downloading Defender Pro

Sometimes user might encounter with an issue download Defender Pro from Internet Explorer 9. While downloading Defender Pro from the links or invoice with IE 9, a prompt message will appear affirming that this kind of file may be harmful to your PC. In order to continue Defender Pro installation process, you will need to click on "Actions” appear on the prompt window that you get on the PC screen and then on the "Next” Screen Click on More Options. Once you click on the "More Options” the window box of "Run Anyways” will show. After clicking on this option the installation process will completed.

Defender Pro Not working

Such type of error messages will appear mainly because of a Windows update from Microsoft. This update may have enclosed Windows Security Essentials. If this happens, you will need to eliminate Windows Security Essentials or restore your PC to before the latest Windows update. Microsoft Security Essentials provides anti-malware and spyware safety for your PC. It aids in safeguard against spyware, viruses and other malicious software.

Activation error codes 69 or 5010

If you are receiving an error stating Error code 69 or 5010, this may indicates that the License ID and Password being used by you does not match with the application program being installed. So, please ensure that you are activating the correct version of your Defender Pro for your license ID. In case you don't know about license ID, you can contact with Defender Pro customer support and they will assist you with the accurate information.

How do I register PC Medic

In order to registering your software you can follow below steps:

  1. Go to Online Store and place your order.
  2. Get the Registration Key from the confirmation page or email delivery.
  3. Go to the PC Medic and open the Register area.
  4. Type the email address you ordered with.
  5. Enter your registration key
  6. Click "Submit”.

Ways to contact with Defender Pro customer service

User can get connected with Defender Pro customer service through online chat or phone calls. To get online assistance they need to dial Defender Pro customer support helpline number which is toll free and soon they will get proper respond from the technicians.

User can send the queries through Defender Pro customer support chat or can also reach Defender Pro customer support Service via Defender Pro customer service email address where they get assistance in text form. The Defender Pro customer support hours are activated all time.