Kingsoft AntiVirus Customer Support

Kingsoft Internet Security is a chinese antivirus program that offers the most powerful, free security solution for PC users. Kingsoft Antivirus program automatically shields against viruses, malware, and spyware in real-time.

Kingsoft customer service

Users can get their issues/queries fixed through Kingsoft customer support. Generally, people who installed Kingsoft antivirus application in their systems encounter with some issues that can be resolved with Kingsoft customer service.

Kingsoft Antivirus Key Features

The main highlights of Kingsoft antivirus are as follows:

  • All in one antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware software with multiple guards
  • Automatic protection against trojans, spyware, viruses, worms and malware
  • Recognize all types of Keyloggers and Rootkits.
  • Block phishing sites, pop-ups windows, and guarantee your data safety.
  • Automatically search for common updates against the latest threats.

How to uninstall Kingsoft antivirus

Although Kingsoft is a good antivirus software application but sometimes user wants to uninstall it due to certain reasons such as issue in scanning, language problem, software not working correctly or there is an update which needs to uninstall the software first.

If you are also facing such trouble and looking for some manual assistance then below steps will assist you a lot.

Steps to uninstall Kingsoft

  1. Make a Right-click the Kingsoft icon in system screen and exit the agent
  2. Confirm exit
  3. Now "Uninstall wizard”
  4. In case of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 go to Control Panel and hit Programs and Features
  5. In WIndows 10 go to "Settings” > System > Apps and Features
  6. Hit on Uninstall/Change
  7. Enter the button on the right
  8. Click on the highlighted button
  9. Wait for while until the progress bar reaches 100%
  10. Close the window
  11. If it hangs then reboot the PC

Remove all left components

  1. Start the Task Manager
  2. In windows 7, go to Processes tab or Windows 8, 10 go to Details tab
  3. Make Right-click on the process
  4. Choose Open file location
  5. Search for Uninst.exe or uni0nst.exe in that folder and run it
  6. Do the uninstall of Kingsoft component
  7. Repeat the same for every process

Remove shortcuts of Kingsoft Antivirus

  1. There are mainly two shortcuts, one in the taskbar and another is on the desktop. They have an icon alike to Internet Explorer
  2. Make Right-click the shortcut in the taskbar and choose Unpin this program from taskbar
  3. After that right-click the shortcut on the desktop and choose "Delete”

Need of Kingsoft Antivirus customer support

Just in case, if you are not able to follow above methods to uninstall the Kingsoft software, you can contact the Kingsoft antivirus customer support department via Kingsoft antivirus support phone number or Kingsoft antivirus customer support online chat. They have the expert technicians to help out the users in the different issues.

Kingsoft antivirus customer service helpline number- for reliable support

Kingsoft offers the round the clock Kingsoft antivirus customer service, which let them provide their full assistance to the users who have been any of the Kingsoft issue. Any user can directly contact with Kingsoft antivirus support team via Kingsoft antivirus online chat or Kingsoft antivirus customer support number.

They have the team of experienced technicians who have successfully trained and highly skilled in handling and fixing all the Kingsoft antivirus issues. You can also reach then through Kingsoft antivirus customer service email address. The Kingsoft customer support hours are available 24*7.