The note which has been illustrated here is about the privacy policy which users need to keep in mind while using the online information. Here, all the essential rules have been provided as how the information is collected and utilized.

Users expects from us to bestow them the most accurate and concise information in an efficient way so that they can make the best use of online information to resolve the issues with their online/offline computer applications (viz. email accounts/email clients/antivirus/printer etc). We do the same as we endeavor to provide the users with the best possible information with one hundred percent accuracy.

It is also expected from the users/visitors of the forum to provide their accurate information while visiting the support forum as the information of all the users is extremely valuable to us.

How the online information is collected?

The online information is collected thru two methods (viz. online cookies and which users deliberately provide). The online information is collected thru the mentioned ways and it is done just for the purpose so as to make the forum more users-friendly and customized as per the users’ needs/.

The online information which is collected thru the web-cookies or which users share themselves are used to enhance the information on the web-forum.

It is hereby declared that the information of the users that they share online shall not be used in its usual form or any modified form for the purpose of online transactions. Trust is maintained while producing or using the information for the purpose of online portal.

Rules regarding the sharing of online information

Various kinds of information are shared online by the users and anyone else who searches the website. It is ensured that no breach of legal regulation is occurring while sharing the online information.

Users are ensured that their information is in safe hands when they share anything with the support portal. It has been optimally designed to keep the online threats away from the portal and keep the users’ information quite safe and secure.

Users are given words that the information which will be shared by the portal will be for good cause and with the permission of the user. Users are also advised not to use/share the online information on any other web page for any particular reason/wrong intention.

Things which users need to be attentive of

The information has been provided on the portal is just informative in nature. Users are suggested to use the information with their discretion. If there is any discrepancy of the information provided online, it shall not be the websites’ liability. No claims shall be accepted for any damage/modification to the online information.

It is better for the users to read and understand all the key things about the privacy policy before proceeding further on the online forum.

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