VIPRE AntiVirus Customer Support

Are you VIPRE Antivirus user? Facing some issues regarding VIPRE scan process and looking for expert assistance? Don't worry. There is the perfect solution in your hand! To fix such glitches, you need to call VIPRE Antivirus customer Support.

Antivirus is the important part of every computer because there are always some chances to be infected with online threats at any time. VIPRE Antivirus software application saves your computer from harmful virus or malware, and if you are facing problem in your VIPRE Antivirus, you can get quick assistance from VIPRE customer Service.

VIPRE Scan related issues

Sometimes user face issues while performing the scanning process. They often meet with situations when scan does not complete, crash the computer or scan stuck at certain file and never ends etc.

If Full Scan runs excessively long or crash the system, follow the below steps:

  1. Open VIPRE
  2. From the "My VIPRE” page, hit Schedule Scan
  3. Click on + new scan
  4. Name the scan Custom Full Scan
  5. Choose the Custom Scan type
  6. Check the Cookies, Window Registry options and Running Programs while leaving the options for Rootkits and Archived and Compressed Files unchecked
  7. If you would like this scan to run on a schedule, set the schedule to satisfy your needs
  8. Hit Choose Locations(s)
  9. Pick the main system hard drive (usually C:\) and any other additional hard drives that you would like it to scan
  10. Once all locations have been added, hit Done option
  11. Press the run button next to the custom scan you just made to run the scan on demand

If VIPRE scan is stuck at a certain file and never finishes, then follow these steps:

If VIPRE scan is running and it's been on the same file for a period of time that means VIPRE scan got stuck on that particular file and unable to scan the next file. To fix this error, the certain file needs to be white listed. Do the process by following below steps:

  1. At first note down the address of the file where the scan has been stuck
  2. Go to VIPRE
  3. Choose the Manage tab and click "Antivirus”
  4. Scroll down till you find Exclude from Scans
  5. Hit Manage Excluded Items
  6. Click the Add New Location or File to add exclusions
  7. Run the VIPRE scan again

Importance of VIPRE antivirus customer support

In case you are still facing above problems or some other issues related VIPRE then you are recommended to contact with VIPRE Customer service department to get fastest and reliable resolution of your queries. Support form VIPRE antivirus customer support becomes important for those users who keep the value of time and money because they have do lot of important works and they hardly have time to fix or resolution of issues taken place with VIPRE antivirus.

Features of VIPRE Antivirus customer service

  • Quick and outstanding support
  • 24x7 available on call at VIPRE antivirus customer support helpline number
  • Get appropriate issues resolution by industries best experts
  • Troubleshooting for VIPRE errors
  • High quality support in reasonable cost

VIPRE antivirus customer support is accessible online:

Grab the instant support by dialing VIPRE antivirus customer service phone number. The technical engineers are available on their helpline numbers day and night in order to assist you. You can also get support through VIPRE customer service chat or VIPRE customer support email address. The technicians will offer best service plans to resolve all technical issues by VIPRE support chat or VIPRE support number. They will provide remote assistance for offering you better customer support. Immediate help is given throughout VIPRE customer support hours.